One Good Night Will... by Fel Kian

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One Good Night Will... by Fel Kian

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This was a decent story. It had a plot that worked for horror. The protagonist, while not one of those people everyone wants to be friends with or anything, was ok. There was good sensory input.

I guess that if the story had a flaw was that it really wasn't exceptional. It's not really all that creepy, or all that disturbing, or all that scary. Now, if I had a sense that Terence was in any danger, or the woman/nymph thing was afraid of him, as he was the real villain, that would have helped. Just finding sloughed off bits of human on the floor isn't enough these days to freak people out, especially since Terence wasn't even a little disturbed by them.

It is an ok story. In general, this tale worked for me, but just wasn't an exceptional story. I'm not sure how helpful this criticism is, but there it is.

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