The Shadowy Man  By Elena Clarke

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Re: The Shadowy Man  By Elena Clarke

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Or maybe it takes a woman to truly get into the mind of a Renaissance Man. :)

I agree with Jaimie, but perhaps for different reasons.

Giacomo was a complex character. As a father myself, I realized he's not just a father figure to Luca. He's father, mentor, and friend. In short, he's more a mother figure, at least when I compare my own parents to him. Fiercely capable of defending a child, intensely patient, devoted to seeing that the child's needs are met... everything you'd want in parenting partner.

Fathers are more willing to let their child fall down, so they can learn to stand up again. (Maybe that was just my own.) That's not to say a father won't fight to save a child... but they are less likely to think everything through while doing it. I think the expression in the Untouchables was "You can get farther with a kind word and a gun, than just a kind word." Somebody steals a dad's kid, he's getting the gun (or sword, as the case may be), or will want to. I'd have lost my temper way earlier with the fortune tellers and demanded answers... but I'm probably not a Renaissance Man.

The one other thing that struck me as off was the guards in the catacombs admitting they were afraid so easy. They may well have been afraid, but they wouldn't own up to it so readily.

And just checking... Giacomo never did promise, did he?

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