The Interview by Matthew S. Dent

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Re: The Interview by Matthew S. Dent

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I think the protagonist was (a) desperate to get the job, and (b) clinging to the belief that the gun was not loaded. He then had to accept that he had apparently killed the interviewer... As for a supernatural element -- why did the second company representative have the same mismatched eyes as the now-dead interviewer? What was this place -- a branch office of Wolfram and Hart (Buffy reference)?
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Re: The Interview by Matthew S. Dent

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Davidsonhero wrote:
I don't know, but I would have liked a hint in what direction this was going, just a hint I think would have been enough, for me anyway.
I disagree completely. The real kick of this story is the final scene, and the fact that NOTHING is explained or even hinted at. The reader suddenly has a whole new universe of possibilities to wonder about.

I liked it!
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