Sweat by Robin B. Lipinski

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Re: Sweat by Robin B. Lipinski

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You are a true friend Mark, thanks for exploring the heat.
Now, as always, the curse of payment of posting, much like a pack rat trading a pine coin for a diamond ring.
In the 'heat' of moment,

She lay there on the sand, the hot, searing sand.
Sun baking flesh turning freckles from orange dots into a matrix of blood red.

Bikini's and thongs
Naked flesh so tempting
young men wanting as they to felt the rising heat.

She was black, most around were once white
now a color of skin turning.

Beach balls and frisbee's
the simmering waves of light distorted by the heat...
She lay there on the sand, the hot, searing sand.

Near and yet so salty; wave after wave crashing
Men aroused
Women revealing

She could take no more and rising from where she lay,
ran into the inviting sea,
and with a bark of 'laughter' at the sun
this black lab stood on the white sand
shaking her black coat, freeing the heat with water
to once again take her place on the towel
to ignore those humans in heat
and go back to the dog world of dreams and sleeping.
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