Star Sex by Robin Lipinski

Tell us what you think about the December 2014-January 2015 double issue!

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Re: Star Sex by Robin Lipinski

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Arousal of the senses is a fertile catalyst for evolution. As Yoda would say, "Tactile good, good this feeling...Ahhh!" ( The Force is strong today)

Thanks for reading Eddie. Be safe at the Planetarium. And so...
Sun Rise

Surrounded by blackness; feeling, sight; sleep soundly this night.
Thoughts of dreams as synapses connect, bringing hazy relief via wishful thoughts.

Arise and wake this stirring feeling of life; tree of wood erect on morning frost.
Inner bud waiting as this moment is not yet right.

Rooted strong and virile; sap gathered to flow though not a day of Spring
tender branches unfurl to announce the kiss of light.

Her stare a season announcing season, orbs filled with black and light.
Ever now to wonder again as color announced day,
will this now be Winter, or Spring?
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