Fallow Empires of the Mind by Edward J. Santella

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Fallow Empires of the Mind by Edward J. Santella

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I think it was CS Lewis who said that the way to defeat the devil was by laughing at him. If this story holds any truth, it would seem that rock 'n' roll works just as well. I'm not sure six consecutive versions of the same song makes for a great concert, but it worked in the circumstances.

I liked the way God was personified, excusing his non-involvement with a string of philosophical arguments, but of course it would have been unfair of him to interfere. I couldn't figure out exactly why Horus didn't know who he was, but that didn't take anything away from the story.

Overall, I didn't find this story as powerful as "The Ocean of All Her Children", but it's still pretty decent. Check it out.
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