That's Not a Crime, It's an Ad Campaign by Robert A. Lawler

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That's Not a Crime, It's an Ad Campaign by Robert A. Lawler

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This thread for discussion of "That's Not a Crime, It's an Ad Campaign" by Robert A. Lawler.

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Re: That's Not a Crime, It's an Ad Campaign by Robert A. Law

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I was impressed with the believability of the police procedure first, and then with the science involved, but I was disappointed with the lack of a strong story arc. Mr. Lawler has done an exceptional job with technical details here. It was fast and easy to read. Setting was good, and the characterization seemed okay, but the professor came across as just a little too stuffed with himself, and everyone else seemed a little thin. Dialog matched characterization quite well, but some of the dialog came across as infodump.

The biggest problem I had with the story is that it didn't give me enough motivation to care about any of the characters or the outcome. Shiny on the outside, but empty on the inside. Maybe a closer POV would help, but a strong sense of a conflict would do a LOT more for it. There just wasn't anything here to put me on edge.
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