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Re: Editorial by Dan Hollifield

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I know how difficult a time you’re having now. All my relatives died years ago, but I still remember the depression I experienced when my mother died November 13, 1968, very suddenly.

By the time my mother died, my grandparents and my uncles had passed away.

I understand how you think of your father because my mother was one of the ‘Rosy the Riveters' during WWII. She didn’t work in a shipyard, but she worked at Bethlehem Steel, Johnstown works, in Johnstown, pa.

She worked shifts in the Steel Making Department, got burnt almost every day, roasted every day from the extreme heat, and had to work overtime, often. I now think of her efforts as contributing to the defeat of Adolf Hitler. Yes, it can be hard to see your parent pass on, but in your case and mine our parents played a key role in America.

You have my deepest condolences, Dan.
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