"Winter In Ziegelberg" by Agnieszka Halas

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Re: "Winter In Ziegelberg" by Agnieszka Halas

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Incredibly sad, indeed; we get to see this little family selling off their possessions one by one to survive, and not quite ever getting as much as they need, every day getting worse. Still, they cling to hope, until there is none, while a disturbing specter floats over the town.

This story should be a lesson to writers who think that violence and speed and noise are necessary to maintain interest. The pace is slow and quite even almost to the end, but it does hold you.

I was amazed at this Polish writer's skill and precision with the English language. The way you see it is almost exactly the way I received it; I don't think I changed more than a few characters. I can't guess the how and why of that accomplishment, but when I see a story done this well, it makes me a happy editor. All the story elements are finely crafted, yet they don't draw attention to themselves; the reader's immersion is never disturbed.

I hope more than two people have had a chance to read this.
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