Fire! Fire! by Walter G. Esselman

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Fire! Fire! by Walter G. Esselman

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Good beginning and it does grab one’s attention, and it leads into a dragon story, but one associated with volunteer fire fighting. Dragons and their families fighting fire? Why not! Fantasy can be the playground for unique adventures and unlimited possibilities in creative writing.

I never read sword and sorcery —if this story is under that genre----but can see that writing in that genre can be fruitful. I like to write sci-fi, but I mainly read literature. The last novel I read was To set a Watchman by Harper Lee. That manuscript was lost for about sixty yeas I believe, and it is an added compliment to her famous novel To Kill a Mockingbird. But this is me and I’m sure other writers have diverse backgrounds in the likes. I do like Dean Koontz, John Saul and the old time sci-fi writers like Ray bradbury, Issaci Asimov and Robert A. Heinlein. Their stories are timeless.

The dialogue worked and the story was easy to follow. I think a little more sensory input when Gideon jumped on top of the burning building is needed. Show how the heat waves slapped against him, how he felt their intensity and heard their roar, yet because of the dragon’s milk, Gidean could handle the infernal! Little things like that often get the readers into the story.

Nice read.
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