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Re: Only a Drop

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"Robin can't reply right now, his giant hemmeroids are acting up and..."

Hey parasite, you mind your manners. This is a clean thread and KVesi was kind enough to comment. Go play with traffic.

"You first and...Hey! Ouch! Don't (splat)"

Parasites. Ya just gotta love em but they do have their moments.

Anyway. Thanks for reading and comment KVesi.

Now, 'Only a Drop' is a great example of crazy writing fun. It is one of those stories that could be taken into some crazy places. For example: The black cat may think it won but everyone and everything also loses. Balance so to speak.

If I were to continue the story it would have involved the black cat being caught, cooked, and eaten by a witch doctor from Angola. His translated comments as he licked his fingers would be, "Ahhh. Yes. Very good. Tastes a bit like chicken but better!"
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