Dust by N.J. Kailhofer

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Re: Dust by N.J. Kailhofer

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gmdiamond wrote:Loved the imagery of this story and the twist ending. Way to tell a complete tale in <1000 words!
Brings a new meaning to that Kansas song... "All we are is dust in the wind...." Great job.
Thanks. As they say, even a blind squirrel finds a nut now and again. :)

If you liked reading this, you really should take a look at Flash Indexes I & II in the Fun and Games section of this forum. In them, there are over 600 similar flash stories you can read by a lot of authors based on a load of different monthly writing prompts over the past ten years.

Flash is an art form all its own, and harder than one would expect. I'd recommend giving it a try to anyone.
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