The Second-Degree Out-of-body Ex

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The Second-Degree Out-of-body Ex

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First paragraph explains a world in which things appear virtually . OOBnaut must be a telepath or with some other psychic ability. Good description and the use of sensory inputs worked.

The story might be a little murky for some, for the Author ventures into the world of virtual reality or out-of-body encounters or a combination of science and telepathy. We see organized crime having an influence in this story.

Each reader will have to judge this story on their own tastes.

I’d like this author to write a ‘Lost in Space Story’ in which a human is marooned with little hope of rescue. Her use of interior monologue coupled with her use of good description and sensory inputs would project the thoughts and feelings of a lonely survivor on some remote planet!

P.S. Harbor should have been used instead of Harbour.
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