The Volunteer by David Rogers

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The Volunteer by David Rogers

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A smooth intro, very poetic in a sense for the words and sentences flowed together naturally almost rhythmically. After the first paragraph, I was hooked with the story and had to continue reading. I like that!

The prose in this story very undulating with description and sensory inputs incorporated integrally and not as an add in after an editing process.

The long dialogue between Nora and Joe worked. It sounded real and kept my interest.

Time travel stories can have many different takes to them, in this story see a traveler that might be from another dimension interact with simple accountant on Earth. What she’s up to isn’t clear to me and obviously to Joe, the main character.

The good writing in this story is a pleasure to read.

I couldn’t find any words used wrong nor any sentences or description that I would change,

Very good Job!
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