Bookworm by Jim Mountfield

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Re: Bookworm by Jim Mountfield

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Interesting story. I seen a sci-fi movie years ago that had a midget living in the torso and another human. The movie centered on Mars and how an industrialists controlled the air needed in the enclosed city. I think Arnold Schwarzenegger was in it.

The intro got my attention, and the story held it until the end. I like the writing in this one. I love the smile: This apparition glided past like a submarine periscope cutting through sea. I used twin periscopes in a story once depicting an alligator patroling the everglades.

As the story unfolded, it was easy to follow and at no time did I have to ponder the actions of the characters to understand the story. Good!

Good story with good writing techniques----this is a story to study!

Great Job!!
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