Poem: The Cracked Bell by Alexis Child

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Re: Poem: The Cracked Bell by Alexis Child

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Lucky you, you got the appendix out before it went supercritical. Mine just blew up, and I had to call the ambulance. Man, did that hurt. Right up there with kidney stones.

The surgeon who cleaned up the mess came in and told me about it the next day--she brought pictures. "See all those little red-and-black things? That's all that was left of your appendix. It blew itself to bits. I've never seen anything like it." Then they kept me for thirteen days, most of it with an N-G tube in me so I couldn't eat, and my body was consuming itself. It was all pretty boring, mostly; I watched TV, slept, and watched the pattern on the wallpaper crawl around because of the morphine.

And I'm off topic, so I'll quit now.

Hang on to what you have, and try to get back a little more.
I was raised by humans. What's your excuse?
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