First Contact by Jonathan Snyder

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First Contact by Jonathan Snyder

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I like it. But I doubt very much if an alien spacecraft would need directions in order to find a star system. But you never know. Perhaps they think more on a questioning-thought process in which they have developed skills in communication far advance beyond our understanding. I don't know. Anything is possible! We elected an idiot as president of the United States, so that says it all! When discussing aliens, their minds, their physical make-up, their worlds, we don't know. Many models of an alien world exist, but how close are they to the real thing is still an unsolved question. I've often wondered how an astrophysicist would feel the first time a true encounter with an alien race would feel?

Good word choices. The story held my interest until the end. I loved the ending. A bit of humor goes a long way.

Good job!!
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