Scarlet Twilight by Denis Winston Brum

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Scarlet Twilight by Denis Winston Brum

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Mars! So many stories about Mars lately. I wrote one a few years back, and I love to read and write Mars stories and look at movies about landing there and finding aliens. The Angry Red Planet still sticks in my mind. I saw that movie in 1961 or 62 at a theater called The Lyric. It was just 25 cents to get in! Boy the good old day.

I liked this story. The intro got my attention and the story held it until the end. I got the feeling of Ray Bradbury’s writings a little as I read and thought about Victor and X’la.

Just image the loneliness that Victor had to handle. I don’t know if I could endure it.

Good word choices and believable dialogue. I liked how the author used short sentence for emphasis.

Good read, enjoyable and that’s what counts!!

Nice job!
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