Of Blood and Fire by David Alan Jones

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Re: Of Blood and Fire by David Alan Jones

Post by Robert_Moriyama »

...I learned that a stake in the heart or sunshine are not the only ways to kill a vampire. Being burnt to a crispy critter by a dragon’s breath will also do the trick. :-)

<br>See now, if you were a follower of 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' or 'Angel', you'd know that decapitation works pretty well -- and that vampires are a wee bit more flammable than living breathing types. (Less liquid sloshing about inside, I guess.)<br><br>Robert M.
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Re: Of Blood and Fire by David Alan Jones

Post by DT »

The story flow was mostly unbroken and easy to follow. The flow was interrupted only once, in the describing of the bath in the hot springs. IMO, this scene didn’t move or contribute to the story.
<br>I really thought the flashback to the hot springs added a layer of depth to the characterization. When we think about his absent mother and the prenatal comfort of heat and water, there is created a mother/son narrative between the dragon and the vampire, or perhaps a more perverted bond especially considering the exchange of body fluids and the very descriptive blood sucking experience. It puts the vampire's servitude to the beast into perspective, but perhaps I'm reading too much into this.<br><br>I loved the dark tone of the whole thing. I really felt the fear of the corpulent merchant when Kelysen turns on him and says, "Remember nothing."<br>
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