A Frog Pond In Time by Emad El-Din Aysha

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A Frog Pond In Time by Emad El-Din Aysha

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Maybe I should read this story again and study it like a chapter of literature. I don’t know but time----even being retired--- has its limits.

Very descriptive and informative about the multi-culture interactions when marrying a mate from another culture. In this case a Muslin marred a Japanese girl and they settled on Mars of the future! Interesting setting with interesting characters coupled together with an interesting outlook of Mars! We think that Mars will be inhabited by English speaking Americans, white or black only. However Americans are so diverse in culture, race, customs, immigration statues that a colony of Americans on Mars in the future might so diverse that it could represent the entire world! Imagine that one. Yes, this story does fuel food for thought!

The only questionable sentence: ‘The phone booths out in the street gave you more elbow room.’ Cellphones have replaced the old phone booths in most countries today, so I’m sure Mars of the future would never need phone booths!

Very nice job at this one!
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