The Recluse by George Cornilă

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The Recluse by George Cornilă

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Reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe’s stories. It has been forty-five years since reading Poe and I can’t place exactly the story that this one reminds me of. I believe The Tall Tale Heart comes to mind but not exactly. The internal dialog, with its word chooses, sentence lengths and thoughts were excellent in creating a surreal world. I’m not sure if I would have stayed in a place that had so many spiders, bugs and rats probably running around! And for an abandoned mansion----the toilet still works and the water still ran though the pipes. I know from experience that after a year, a house with no heat will have busted water pipes and toilets! This Boyar Mansion gave me the feeling that it was in Europe where winters can be severe.

I liked it. Loved the internal monologue.

Nice job!!
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