Tesla's Nightmare by Charles E. J. Moult

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Tesla's Nightmare by Charles E. J. Moult

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What a story! Tesla’s inner thoughts and feeling were propagated by the author’s knowledge of Tesla which he must have learned by reading the many articles about the scientist. The internal thoughts of Tesla in this story and the references to pigeons gives us a interesting story that might make a good Broadway Play if a screenwriter could adapt it. Most of the play would be soliloquies, but I’m sure a good screenwriter could complement the play with additional props and secondary actors. The talents of an actor would be tested with this one.

I enjoyed reading this story as it bubbled up memories of past articles and the book I read about Tesla years ago. A very nice description of his thinking when he was old, and one that might not be too far from the thoughts of Testa at an advanced age.

The only big blunder that Tesla made is documented: He said that there was no such thing as Nuclear Energy!!

Good job!
Tesla Lives!!!
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