"Chandra Medical" by Margaret Karmazin

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"Chandra Medical" by Margaret Karmazin

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Margaret Karmazin has an impressive resume, I must say. The present offering reminds me of how much science fiction has changed over my lifetime. There is a tongue in cheek quality to "Chandra Medical" which seems to be set in a kind of star wars universe of multiple alien species and technology so advanced it is incomprehensible.

The SF I read in my youth was generally of the action/adventure type or the social criticism type, or the prophecy of doom type, it seems. Today, except for the non human aliens, SF seems not far from everyday reality, considering the multicultural world we live in and the technology which is, as predicted, rapidly becoming incomprehensible.

It is reassuring to learn that in the distant future, supplies of insulin are still kept on hand, just in case they are needed. You never know.
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