Embracing Eternity by Charles E.J. Moulton

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Embracing Eternity by Charles E.J. Moulton

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Poignant intro that makes one feel as if they were there on the couch with her.

Susie’s thoughts and feeling, and her remembrance of the past filled the story from beginning to end. Grief is a hard emotion to overcome, and in Susie’s case she managed to live though it and get a second chance at life again.

This story was told with compassion in which most of us can identify with. The ending was fitting and help resolve Susie’s grief.

One possible mistake: Mel Torme sang “‘Chestnuts’ Roasting on an Open Fire.” It is very easy to make that type of mistake because there is a song “Chipmunks Roasting on an Open Fire” which is a take-off from “Chestnuts Roasting on an open fire.” The author might have purposely referred to Chipmunks because a question mark was used after Torme, which would indicate doubt.

Good description and good word choice in this story.

Nice job.
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