Handy Dandy Gets His Candy by Frederick Rustam

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Re: Handy Dandy Gets His Candy by Frederick Rustam

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The beginning could have been better, but it did draw me in. And the more I read the more interested I became. <br><br>“Star Trek” type stories always find a home with me. I love them and this had an average to good storyline behind it. <br><br>So many novels and movies about aliens and space flights have been written, that just about every situation that one can think-up has been told before, either in a novel or in a movie. I haven’t read any stories or seen any movies that are really new. Most of them re-hash ‘World of the World’ or one of the black and white movies from the fifties. It’s hard to find a new approach, but I’m sure there are many! <br><br>‘Romeo and Juliet’ has been played out so many times over the last centuries, that one would think it worn-out! It’s not. Just about every year a new movies or novel comes out using that theme. It’s the way the novel is written that makes it new, or the way the movie is directed. <br><br>The only problem I had with the story was the info dump, and some of the names. A little less info, and a little more care with the characters could make this a great story.<br><br>The story did have a nice ending!
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