Albino Alligator by George T. Philibin

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Albino Alligator by George T. Philibin

Post by kailhofer »

Robert says that my "Alligator Tears" in August may have been the inspiration for this one. He's usually full of bean dip, but if by some chance he was actually right for a change, I'm flattered. <br><br>Although, I have to admit, I was a little worried that might be a clever character assassination when I started reading, but it turned into an okay fantasy--a 'human' story starring a bunch of swamp critters.<br><br>It's a lot more gritty storyline than mine, but it grabbed me. If the world would turn out like it should, loyalty like this would be rewarded. Some of us could learn a lesson from that.<br><br>There is a tremendous increase in your attention to details that made the setting much more real than in your previous stories, but it lacks polish and a finer control of natural language, perhaps with a more lyrical flow.<br><br>Nevertheless, it's got a decent plotline and a good moral. <br><br><br>I liked it.<br><br>Nate
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Re: Albino Alligator by George T. Philibin

Post by Megawatts »

Nate, your story ‘Alligator Tears’ did inspire me to write ‘Albino Alligator.’<br><br>Around the time I read your story, I watched a program either on the History channel or Discovery. It showed an alligator locked in combat with a boa-constrictor.( The snake might have been a python, I don’t remember exactly.) As the narrator described and photographed the encounter, he talked about introduced species into the Everglades. Boa-Constrictors are one, formally pets that got too big and were dropped off in the Everglades.<br><br>The fight lasted for twenty-five hours according to the narrator and ended with no winner. Each reptile went its separate way, and I remember thinking that each one must have been thinking “I’ll never screw with that thing again!” And that alligator didn’t looked like no lightweight, either!<br><br>I looked up alligators in the internet and stumbled onto a few sites dedicated to Albino Alligators. Many of those sites were about a movie staring Fay Dunaway, but I managed to get one site that showed an Albino Alligator in captivity, and that site had some interesting information about Albino Alligators.<br><br>‘Alligator Tears’ coupled with the short on the Discovery Channel, and the look of an Albino Alligator staring into a camera, all came together, mixed themselves up, and out popped my story ‘Albino Alligator’ <br><br>Nate, your story did indeed inspire mine!<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>
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