Kuiper 6 by Eric Boermeester

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Re: Kuiper 6 by Eric Boermeester

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...one thing though, which i didn't get: in this reality traveling to Neptune and the asteroid belt's considered so long relativity kicks in? i think even with today's technology it's maybe a three-four years to get there.

<br><br>Hmm. Actually, the line was "time gets messed up at sub-light speeds". Maybe it IS taking three or four years to cross the system, and they're using cold sleep to conserve life-support. So: you launch from Earth with a warrant for someone's arrest, but it takes two or three years to get to where they were -- and they've moved on. You resupply, check with the ONE -- the warrant is still valid and outstanding -- and head for your quarry's last known destination. Another couple of years passes -- when you come out of cold sleep, you can't get an answer from ONE, but you're still able to resupply for another trip ...<br><br>Meanwhile, your quarry (and Annie's family) have settled down, and are aging normally. But what with crisscrossing the system a couple of times in cold sleep, maybe ten or twenty years pass by the time you finally catch up with them. Annie's grown up, the ONE has pretty much collapsed, but you're damned if you're tearing up that warrant you've frozen and defrosted half a dozen times NOW.<br><br>If it makes you happy, substitute E. Eridani 3 for Neptune ...<br><br>Robert M.
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