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Re: RNA By Gary Beck

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The astonishing coincidence of this story coming to the top of the to-read pile when Michael Moore's "Sicko" is in theaters must surely indicate that This Story Was Destined To Be Read, NOW. And Joel's dead-on, matter-of-fact depiction of how even The Insured (in a nation where many are UnInsured) will have to settle for less and poorer treatment than the elite may well be more convincing than Moore's over-the-top presentation.

But how frustrating it must be for our fallen sort-of-hero to learn that even the one good thing about his tier-three entitlement is less than it seems (in terms of dating potential, anyway). (Now, if he could get Six, from 'Tripping the Rift', to provide home care, he might not CARE that she wasn't entirely real...)

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