JXR by David Alan Jones

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Re: JXR by David Alan Jones

Post by Megawatts »

A nice, very smooth story that holds ones interest. I like that. Good word choices, proper sentence lengths--all put together with a fluid use of language. Nice!

I enjoy reading David’s works very much because of his superb style. And the stories are always interesting. Even if the story-line is average, David, I believe, can take just about any story and turn it into an enjoyable read.

I love the AI’s voice inside Carl’s head, love the futuristic world of virtual realities, and like how a detective in those new and exciting future worlds might act!

Many thanks to jaimie's critique---it pointed me to David’s story. I haven't read many serials or novellas.

Nice job!!

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Re: JXR by David Alan Jones

Post by kailhofer »

It's a good story, Dave. I read it early on in the month.

I liked it. Good pacing, interesting idea connecting the virtual and physical. Although, I guess the wife's role early on. Maybe a few more suspects could have made it harder to choose.

And "Plan" is not too shabby, either. ('Course, neither is "The Blind Collaborators"...;))

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