Founding Fathers By Daniel C. Smith

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Re: Founding Fathers By Daniel C. Smith

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Quite a tale. Corporations taking over the world is nothing new, and the old ‘scrooge’ thing has also been played out over and over in many stories: Thank God that in this story those two themes are given a fresh and exciting face-lift---especially ‘Scrooge.’

This story is captivating and it held my interest from beginning to end. The writing good, character development average---I think some more description might have enhanced the character’s individual qualities. Cyril’s son and Cyril’s only friend could have been developed more, but for a short story I think enough was said about them.

Cyril wants more wealth. He craves wealth! He flips an old gold coin around his finger, yet in his day currency is handled in cyber-space with no need to have paper or coin money, anymore. The gold coin is a nice touch on symbolism.

Cyril gets to the asteroid belt first because his brother, Senator Seamus McGreevy, buys some time for his younger brother, Cyril.

Once Cyril’s mining operation is up and running, the world is taken over by corporations, that have united.

And a resistance on Earth has sprung up with Senator Seamus McGreevy the president.

This story has a snap-shots of American policy, corporate greed, and greed in general. And has themes intertwined with the plot that keeps the story moving.

I liked this story, liked the writing. I might have made Cyril’s intentions a little clearer at the ending, and used some more sensory input, but these are just moot points and ones that would have changed the story, but not have made it better.

Nice job!

Kurt Vonegut’s Player Piano came to mind after reading this story.
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