Layover in an Oak Grove by Mary Brunini McArdle

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Layover in an Oak Grove by Mary Brunini McArdle

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Nice poignant story, romantic, moving and entertaining from beginning to the end.

Mary Jean Parker was somewhat of a stereotyped person, and the old vintage plane crashing into the tree also reminded me of similar ‘out of time’ stories and even movies. Of course, I’m sixty now, retired and have watched movies and read all my live. Therefore, many stories seem stereotyped to me!

A plane crashing into a tree would more than likely attract other people. As it descended from the sky, sputtering --a staccato sound as the author suggests--it would have been visible and heard for many miles, unless the plane materialized just before the crash. That, I’m sure, is what happened.

Except for some slight criticisms, the story was a very fine read, the characters believable and the theme of the story---an old one but one that never dies---love is timeless!!

Mary Jean loved Garhard. And Garhard, whether it was by accident or fate, came to her mysteriously in order to draw her out of her shell. The short but stirring moments with him left Mary Jean a changed person, one who learned that there is much more to the world than we will ever know!

Very nice, warmhearted story!! :wink:
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