The Last One by J. B. Hogan

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An entertaining story with enough twists and turns to keep it interesting until the end.

I like how the author touched on individual personalities, and developed a story that altered Stephen’s life forever.

Stephen had quite a dream while ‘doing business’ in the men’s room, and Stephen falling to sleep on the toilet I can believe! We had a guy down at work who did the same thing. Sometimes after break one of us would kick the toilet’s door in a little to wake him up! Oh, the days at a Power Plant.

Stephen adored Lisa, and Stephen became euphoric over Lisa noticing his weight loss---- but especially how Lisa commented: A bit of flirtation in my opinion by the word choices that Lisa directed at Stephen.

After Lisa’s comment Stephen subconsciously tucked in his stomach and pushed out his chest. His mind became rapturous with Lisa’s attention to him, and that blissful feeling that took over his mind wrote the script for the dream that would changed his life forever.

It’s interesting that the poachers did not kill the last rhino. This incident in the dream suggests Stephen is an all around good-guy who doesn’t want anything to be harmed.

A great story and one that appears a Sci-Fi but in fact I don’t believe it is!!

Good one! Loved it! :wink:
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