Too Perfect by Norman C. Stoker

Tell us what you thought about the December 2008 issue!
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The storyline was very contemporary directing the reader to future possible uses of computers in human tragedies, an area in the not too distance future that should benefit all.

The opening worked and the dialogue and narration complimented each other, but I would have liked some more showing than telling: Show how she loved the sexy English accent. Sometimes showing is harder but it’s well worth the effort!!

The story developed in a detective style---Emma trying to find out what her father was up to. Which led to the discovery that her world was her own making.

I thought this middle part of the story very good with a nice transition from the real world to the world of individual dreams.

The ending had an added bonus of having Emma maturing in her own dream world, and once she aged twelve-years ( time measured in her dream world ) she could look back on herself and see that she was still a kid! Yet, in a brief time she matured into a twenty-four year.

I couldn’t find any flaws with the science or story development, and the story I thought crafted fairly well.

A few edges that needed ironed out and maybe some more attention to minor events within the story.

This story gives us a possible peek into how human tragedies might be handled in the future, and as most readers know, our techology is well on the way in development to make this story a reality.

Good job.
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