Ethelbert by Thomas G. Vincent

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Oops. Should have caught that...

Post by Robert_Moriyama »

I read the story, and should have caught the 'bert/'red discrepancy. Just goes to show you how much expectation can affect what we perceive: having established the name "Ethelbert" in my mind, I saw "Ethelred" as "Ethelbert" for the rest of the story.

I have fixed the problem, so no other readers will have to experience the trauma of mid-story character monikermorphing. (A 1-900 number for counseling services will be posted later.)

(Imagine how bad it would have been if there had been an Ethelbert AND an Ethelred in the story (twin brothers, perhaps). Then we couldn't be sure which occurrences were correct, except from the context.)

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