Father Friday Cemetery by McCamy Taylor

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Father Friday Cemetery by McCamy Taylor

Post by Lester Curtis »

This one has a lot of sadness in it, but a lot of beauty as well, and a decent measure of comfort, all very well balanced.

If it had been more cheerful, I'd have called this delightful.
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Post by Megawatts »

I liked it. Good versus evil, and this one presented all the elements needed in a light Sword and Sorcery or High Fantasy story---depending on the interpretation of the two sub-genre.

Good description and believable characters. And it wasn’t a hard read, but neither was it simple or juvenile. Word choices were excellent and using nouns like ‘cherubs’ gave it a true mystical

I could not find the word ‘Pitre’ in the dictionary and I don’t think that I ever hear it before except used as a last name. It sounds French, but I can’t remember it in any of my French Class. But those classes were more than forty-years ago.

Like I said before, it was a good versus evil story, and this one was crafted very well indeed.

Loved it.

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