Corruption's Device by Mike Phillips

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Corruption's Device by Mike Phillips

Post by Lester Curtis »

Can't say as I thought very much of this one . . . the plot is okay, but the dialog and characterization need work. The protagonist's habit of explaining everything -- aloud, and usually to herself -- gets old pretty quickly.

Mike . . . the basics are pretty promising, but you need to work on more subtlety in your delivery. Maybe consider trying a different viewpoint, like first-person.
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Re: Corruption's Device by Mike Phillips

Post by Megawatts »

I have to agree with Bill on this one. I liked the story, liked the crow and thought the characters were developed in line with the content of the story. Not too much but enough to see them in the mind’s eye as Mr. Phillips intended, I’m sure.

Again, Bill says it all for me.
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