Jerrod and the Undead Bucket List by Rachel Coles

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Jerrod and the Undead Bucket List by Rachel Coles

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Having read this story, I'm hoping that the author will join us in discussion -- and give us more stories.

This was wonderful: wryly funny in a lot of places, sad and poignant in others. I loved some of the descriptions of what being dead was like, such as:
He confirmed his suspicions by walking up to a pretty medic and grabbing her boobs. His hands went through her shirt, her bra, and most likely through her skin and whatnot -- he didn't feel a thing, and neither did she. She ignored him and kept filling out paperwork.

Yup. In hell, Jerrod thought. Can't eat, can't even feel up a pretty woman, let alone...What now?
There's hope here, too; the main character does discover that, with help, he really can do some good from Beyond.

Beautiful descriptions. No technical errors that I saw. Great stuff. Read it!
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