It's Dark In Here by Robin B. Lipinski

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Lester Curtis
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Re: It's Dark In Here by Robin B. Lipinski

Post by Lester Curtis »

. . . and we've been told often enough: eating binges are unhealthy.

Leave it to Mr. Lipinski to remind us that said binges are unhealthy for the food source . . .
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Re: It's Dark In Here by Robin B. Lipinski

Post by Lipinski »

Rick: I like how your style is evolving.
Lester: Binges in nature are worth watching, when rats, mice, eat and multiply and crash only to
begin again...yet what if it never ends, only spreads, consuming any and all, with evolving intelligence
to match? Makes me want to raid the fridge.
Mark: I really enjoy your evolving style also and I find your arsenal of words and the choices of such amazing.

What is hunger for a writer if not more time
more paper
more grasping at getting it the way we want, 'right'?

Never full, never satisfied, always pacing for mental exercise
thinning down the structure
adding to the title
regretting the end yet looking forward to more.

Grasping a rock to write upon the wall
turning to paint and ink
a quill
a pencil
a pen
a computer

the buffet for the writer will never end.
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