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Re: Things by Robin B. Lipinski

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on the story.

Sex is a definite driver for humans, thus the reason for the billion's currently breathing, sweating and pro-creating. What if there are those who feel nothing for sex? What if such as those are 'pieces' in a cosmic game? Thus the character who procreates yet without the obvious creating the obvious. And for what means? It is there in the story waiting to be written.

It is good in my opinion, for an author to understand a story completely and write it as it needs to be written even if others (or very, very few) can fully understand it. It is in this way a mind is introduced to something bordering on subliminal and fully entrenched with ongoing reality.

If this story is reread, or read in about fifty years, the meanings behind it will be so different and obvious, it will totally make 'sense'.

And since i have the love of writing what is inside and yelling, payment of my post here, with a poem.

if looking up towards the stars, what beneath looks up to us?
if by chance there is random lots drawn, presenting the feeling of fate or destiny,
can it be considered good, or bad luck?

a baby gurgles and coo's, filled with processed needs, fitting in a world of self
a parent partakes in moments of exasperation, excitement, and escape
while fulfilling.

one more number added, two, four, ten, millions...
until numbering past the stars looking down
now even.

Hand upon; Seen the Eye
such the power
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