Phase Shift by Roderick D. Turner

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Phase Shift by Roderick D. Turner

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Nice intro and one that worked. I liked “The hunted look that moviemakers had been trying to capture for decades, without ever coming close.” I’ll have to remember that comparison.

In a not-too-large town, we have a mysterious individual that rides buses and never associates with anybody. He’s always on the run it seems. His name John Trebert.

Peter Nalan a news reported wants to interview him for a book. John doesn’t want to be interviewed much but does tell a few things about his life.

Peter keeps stocking John until he gets to him one late night. Too bad for Peter, because this close association rubs off on Peter, and Peter becomes just like John. Shifts in time set John forward, and in one scene John sees himself getting off the bus.

A good read that entertained.
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